A smuggler's hideout near a tropical waterfall,  and now it comes with a generator!



This is the cover illustration for my project. This piece needed to explore the mystery of this underground world. Danger could be all around you when you least expect it. So scan thoroughly and explore this beautiful world that needs to be discovered.


Exploring the Enigma

Investigating the underground world. From thumbs to finished concepts, I enjoyed playing in this enigma.


The Brute and Others

The third character in my line-up is The Brute. With his custom built hammer, he is ready to crush anyone and anything that crosses his path. Where he lacks in speed, he makes up with clever fighting tactics and strength.


The Lieutenant is a stout and cunning man, but if you're not careful, he can easily sway you to fight for the wrong side.

The Worm lives in the deepest underground caves of the planet. It expands the world below as it travels by creating new tunnels and expanding those that already exist. This docile creature is peaceful until you disrupt it from its tracks.


The Captain

The Captain is the second character of my project. Quick in analyzing his surroundings, he is able to make decisions based on the problems presented to him. Whenever there is a goal to achieve, he is bound to be first to take charge in accomplishing it.


The Scientist

The first character of my project. Being the know it all of the group, his duty is to guide the expedition with his ability to quickly understand changing environments and challenges.


Drawing Jam

I spent some time at my buddies Sasha and Diego to do a drawing jam, and this piece was the conclusion of it. I had a great time and I hope to do those more often.

I was restricted to a palette and had to make a piece based on it.



I was inspired by the Trichoglossum to design this fungi plant.